How to use URApp

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Setting your passcode

To use URApp you will need to set up a 4-digit passcode. The passcode will keep all your information safe and private.

You will be asked to enter your chosen passcode and to verify it. You need to enter your passcode each time you use URApp.  

You can change your passcode by going into ‘Settings’. Access settings by pressing the ‘Menu’ button – the 3 bars in the top left of your screen.

After you’ve set your passcode, you will get a message saying “URApp would like to send you notifications”. Please click “Allow” to enable your reminders to work.



The Task Centre

When you first set up URApp you will need to complete 3 activities in the ‘Task Centre’.  To access the Task Centre, click the menu button and choose Task Centre.

URApp will ask you to complete some daily activities and some weekly activities. The red number displayed beside the menu button tells you how many activities you need to complete.

You will earn stars in URApp for completing your activities.

Setting up your drinking goal

To get URApp working you will need to set up your drinking goal in the Task Centre. Your drinking goal is the number and size of drinks that you aim to drink each day. The most important thing is that you are drinking regularly, even if the amount in each drink is small. You earn rewards in URApp for drinking regularly and for reaching your goal. 

To set up your drinking goal click on the ‘Task Centre’ and choose ‘Review Drinking Goal’. 

Choose the number of drinks you are aiming for each day (from 6 – 8 glasses) and the size of each drink (from 50 – 300ml).

You have now set your drinking goal. You can change your drinking goal by going into the menu and choosing ‘Goal’. 

Setting up your reminders

You can set up reminders to help you remember to have regular drinks and toilet visits. Click on ‘Task Centre’ and choose ‘Review Drinking Reminders’ or ‘Review Visit Reminders’. URApp comes with a pre-set schedule for these reminders (every 2 hours), but you can change this to suit your own needs.

Select the reminder you would like to change. Click on the pre-set time if you want to change it. Click on any days on which you don’t want the reminder, and this will turn it off.

Enter your own text and title for each reminder.  You can even have an emoji. Then click ‘Save Reminder’.

You can add more reminders, by clicking on the purple plus sign.

To view or change your reminders after you’ve set them up, go into the menu and choose ‘Reminders’. If you want to add any new reminders, click the plus sign in the top right of the screen.

Not everyone will need a reminder to go to the toilet. If you would like to turn these off, go into ‘Reminders’ in the menu; click on ‘Visit Reminders’ and press the ‘Enabled’ button at the top of the screen to disable these reminders.

Adding standard drinks

Add a drink by clicking on the ‘Add Drink(1) button on the bottom left of the screen. Click on the ‘Standard’ button to display the drink container library.  Scroll down to view the full selection. Click on the drink you would like to add. This will take you back to the home screen with a full drink.

Pull down the fluid level on the container with your finger. If this is the first time you’ve used URApp you’ll see a pop-up animation to show you how to do this.

The progress bar at the top of the screen tells you how close you are to achieving your daily drinking goal (measured in number of glasses).

You can also add drinks you had earlier in the day (e.g. if you forgot to add a drink). Click on ‘Add drink’ and then select the ‘Drink Time(2) before you choose your drink.

Adding custom drinks

You can customise your drink containers in URApp. To add a custom container, click on ‘Add drink’ and select ‘Custom’.

Click ‘Add Container’ and enter the name and volume (ml) (1). You can either choose a container from the standard library (by swiping left and right), OR you can take a picture of your own container (e.g. a favourite mug or water bottle).

To add your own photo, click the ‘Add Photo(2) button. When you have a photo you’re happy with click ‘Use Photo’. To finish, click ‘Create’. Your custom container is now ready to use.

Viewing your drinks & daily drink progress

You can view other drinks you’ve had in a day by swiping left and right on the home screen. (1)

If you don’t finish all of a drink in one go (e.g. a water bottle), URApp saves unfinished drinks to allow you to finish them later.

All the drinks you add in a day are stored on the ‘Add a Drink’ page. Click on ‘Recent’ to view or select any recent drink containers you’ve used.

Adding toilet visits

The other main function of URApp is to record your toilet visits. To add a toilet visit, click on the ‘Add Visit’ button on the home page. You can choose to add a wee, a poo, or both by clicking on the button. 

A new screen will appear with some short questions. For each one just click on the option that is best for you. You will need to answer all of the questions to be able to store your wee or poo visit. Now click ‘Save Visit’. 

You can change the time or date of your toilet visit. This is helpful if you went to the toilet earlier in the day, or during the night, but didn’t add your visit at the time. Click on the ‘Visit Time’ and ‘Visit Date(1) buttons at the bottom of the screen before you select the type of toilet visit. 

There is also an option to add the volume of your wee in mls. You might be asked to do this by a doctor or nurse before a clinic visit.  Just click on the button next to “Would you like to add the approximate volume” and click the buttons to increase or decrease the amount.

Looking at your progress over time

The information (data) you enter into URApp about your drinking and toilet visits is stored on your phone and is private.

Click on the ‘Progress’ button in the menu to display a chart showing your drinking goal (purple line) and your daily number of drinks (blue line). The green bars show your daily number of wees.

You can view your chart over a week or a month by clicking on the ‘Time Period’ (1) drop down menu. Change the week or month you want to view by clicking on the left and right arrows at the top of the screen.

You can add custom options to the chart by clicking the ‘Custom Data’ (2) drop-down menu and choosing what you would like to display in the chart.

Daily feedback and weekly evaluation

URApp gives you feedback on your progress each day and at the end of each week. The daily feedback will show you how much of your daily drinking goal you achieved. A red notification icon will appear on the menu button when your feedback is ready to view. 

At the end of each week a new task called ‘Complete Weekly Evaluation’ will appear in the Task Centre. It will ask you to answer two questions:

  • How often did you meet your drinking goal?
  • How would you rate your bladder symptoms? 

URApp will then give you personalised feedback and links to some helpful information. 

You can view the support pages anytime by clicking on ‘Support & Advice’ in the menu. Each page has been developed with help from health professionals and from other young people with continence problems. 

Your rewards

You can earn stars by using URApp every day. You collect stars when you enter information about your drinking and toilet visits and when you achieve your drinking goals.  At the end of each month you will earn a different trophy depending on how many stars you collected that month. 

Click on ‘Rewards’ in the menu to view your stars and trophies. 

You can also earn ‘streak’ rewards by using URApp every day to record drinks and toilet visits. The longer you use URApp, the more exciting your stars get! (1) Be careful though, if you stop using URApp your stars will reset back to the start. 

All of your trophies will be displayed at the bottom of the Rewards screen and can be viewed by scrolling left and right.

You will get a starter trophy in the first month.  After this, it’s all up to you to earn the best trophy you can! 

Summary and Daily diary

Daily diary

For more detailed information on your daily drinks and toilet visits choose the ‘Daily Diary’ button in the menu. Scroll down to view your information. Click on the left and right arrows at the top of the screen to select a day to view. 

You will see your drinking goal for that day; how close you were to achieving the goal, and how many stars you earned. You will also see all the drinks and toilet visits you had that day (and the time). The Daily Diary can help you to make sure you are spacing your drinks evenly throughout the day.  Try not to have lots of drinks all in one go just to try to reach your drinking goal.

There is a Notes section (1) where you can record anything you think might affect your bladder symptoms (e.g. changes to medication, stressful events, types of drinks). 


You can view a summary of your toilet visits over the past week, month and 3 months by clicking on ‘Summary’ in the menu. The summary will tell you what your wees and poos have mostly been like during this time. To change the time period, click on the drop-down menu (2) at the top of the page.