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If you wait too long between wees, your bladder muscles will be doing too much stretching and not enough squeezing. 

If you are doing lots of extra wees to try to stay dry, your bladder muscles will be doing too much squeezing and not enough stretching. 

You can ‘exercise’ your stretching muscles by drinking regularly and you can ‘exercise’ your squeezing muscles by going for a wee regularly. 

Regular drinking is important to keep your bladder healthy.  Concentrated wee irritates the bladder and makes it squeeze when it shouldn’t. 

Most young people with daytime wetting have a normal bladder, but you should have your bladder checked by your doctor just to make sure.  

Some common causes of daytime wetting

  • An overactive (twitchy) bladder makes you need to wee urgently. You might do lots of small wees and have some leaks.  If you have an overactive bladder, you might need to combine bladder training with medicine to relax your bladder muscles.  
  • The stretching and squeezing muscles in your bladder might not work properly.
  • Delaying going to the toilet until it’s too late.
  • Not completely emptying your bladder when you go to the toilet.
  • If the muscles that stop urine escaping from the bladder are weak, you can leak when you laugh, cough, or exercise.
  • Constipation – if your bowel is full of poo it presses against the bladder and can cause wee to leak out.
  • Having a urinary tract infection.