August 21 2020 by

You can earn stars by using URApp every day. You collect stars when you enter information about your drinking and toilet visits and when you achieve your drinking goals.  At the end of each month you will earn a different trophy depending on how many stars you collected that month. 

Click on ‘Rewards’ in the menu to view your stars and trophies. 

You can also earn ‘streak’ rewards by using URApp every day to record drinks and toilet visits. The longer you use URApp, the more exciting your stars get! (1) Be careful though, if you stop using URApp your stars will reset back to the start. 

All of your trophies will be displayed at the bottom of the Rewards screen and can be viewed by scrolling left and right.

You will get a starter trophy in the first month.  After this, it’s all up to you to earn the best trophy you can!