August 21 2020 by

Daily diary

For more detailed information on your daily drinks and toilet visits choose the ‘Daily Diary’ button in the menu. Scroll down to view your information. Click on the left and right arrows at the top of the screen to select a day to view. 

You will see your drinking goal for that day; how close you were to achieving the goal, and how many stars you earned. You will also see all the drinks and toilet visits you had that day (and the time). The Daily Diary can help you to make sure you are spacing your drinks evenly throughout the day.  Try not to have lots of drinks all in one go just to try to reach your drinking goal.

There is a Notes section (1) where you can record anything you think might affect your bladder symptoms (e.g. changes to medication, stressful events, types of drinks). 


You can view a summary of your toilet visits over the past week, month and 3 months by clicking on ‘Summary’ in the menu. The summary will tell you what your wees and poos have mostly been like during this time. To change the time period, click on the drop-down menu (2) at the top of the page.