August 21 2020 by

You can set up reminders to help you remember to have regular drinks and toilet visits. Click on ‘Task Centre’ and choose ‘Review Drinking Reminders’ or ‘Review Visit Reminders’. URApp comes with a pre-set schedule for these reminders (every 2 hours), but you can change this to suit your own needs.

Select the reminder you would like to change. Click on the pre-set time if you want to change it. Click on any days on which you don’t want the reminder, and this will turn it off.

Enter your own text and title for each reminder.  You can even have an emoji. Then click ‘Save Reminder’.

You can add more reminders, by clicking on the purple plus sign.

To view or change your reminders after you’ve set them up, go into the menu and choose ‘Reminders’. If you want to add any new reminders, click the plus sign in the top right of the screen.

Not everyone will need a reminder to go to the toilet. If you would like to turn these off, go into ‘Reminders’ in the menu; click on ‘Visit Reminders’ and press the ‘Enabled’ button at the top of the screen to disable these reminders.