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URApp is specially designed to support young people with daytime wetting and urgency

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URApp supports bladder training. This is usually the first treatment that people with daytime wetting and urgency try.  Bladder training involves following a timed schedule of emptying your bladder and having regular drinks.

There are lots of treatments available to help with daytime wetting and urgency. It’s important to see a doctor or nurse to find the best treatment for you.

Remind yourself to drink

You can set up your own daily ‘drinking goal’ in URApp and reminders to help you drink regularly.

How much should I drink?

Keep track and see changes

URApp helps you track your progress through charts and a diary. You can look at the amount you’re drinking, your loo visits, and more.

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Research based design

URApp was developed by a team of researchers at the University of Bristol. The team worked with doctors and nurses, psychologists, app developers, and young people to design an app supported by clinical and research evidence.

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“During the day I have stopped having accidents. My symptoms were getting better each week.”
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    Goals, reminders, rewards and more

    URApp is customisable to suit your own needs. You can set your goals for daily drinks and choose when to have your reminders for drinking and toilet visits. URApp gives you regular feedback to help you track your progress and rewards to help you stay motivated.

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    Track your progress

    Easily keep track of how much you drink each day. Every drink will add to your own personal target.

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    Custom drink sizes

    Water bottle, glass, mug, or something else? URApp allows you to select different types of drink containers to accurately track the amount you've had to drink. You can customise the size of the containers and even use a photo of your own favourite container!

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    Simple and intuitive

    The clear interface allows you to quickly add data without any distractions.

Further links and help

Looking for more detail on urinary incontinence? Please see below. There are also links to external websites with helpful information.

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